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Frels® help you keep your glasses reliably accessible and secure. Whether they rest on your head, perch over your ears, or hang around your neck, Frels® offer effortless versatility. You can seamlessly transition your eyewear into a lanyard-style accessory or discreetly stow them away. Let Frels® elevate your grip for a more comfortable and reassuring daily wear experience.

Fit & Usage Guidelines
Frels® are a great fit for most eyewear temple tips. However, they won't work well with very slim frames (less than 2.5 mm), thick tips (over 8.0 mm) or heavy eyeglasses. To make sure your Frels® can offer the best support, ensure the distance between the eyewear temple tips is under 9 cm. This guarantees a secure attachment. To attach Frels® bring the temple tips end closer to the entry hole then push up and down in a gentle motion by about 5 to 6 mm.

Shipping and Return Policies
Anticipated Delivery Period: 3-5 business days. Our shipping practices prioritize environmental responsibility by employing climate-neutral packaging methods.

Return Policy: Should your purchase not meet your expectations, we accept returns within 14 days of the delivery date. To be eligible, items must remain unused and in their original packaging. Following the secure receipt and thorough examination of the return, we will proceed with either a refund of the purchase amount or an exchange of the items. Please note that the associated return shipping expenses will be your responsibility. For comprehensive insights, kindly consult our GT&C.


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Frels® are always within your reach.

On your head, ears, or neck. Wear Frels comfortably however you like.